Fancy Text

About This Website

Fancy Text is founded and run by David (that's me) and with online functions that help anyone convert normal text into text with special characters, providing symbols for copying and paste, text converter, number, html… I'm happy to have helped so many people to get beautiful text and more convenient in their work. A few people have emailed thank you, and I appreciate it, I can mention a few examples such as:

How it all started

I am a web developer and love online games, I want my name to be beautiful, stand out from the others (I think many people want that). So I decided to make this text converter to serve the needs of myself and everyone.

After 3 months of work, finally finished and gave it to everyone to test, my friends all like it and use it every day.

I also created a cool symbols tool to easily copy more symbols for personal use, another text converter to do word related problems

My new website only serves a small number of needs of all. Hopefully you are one of those people.

- David