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Alphabetical Order Tool

Batch sort documents in alphabetical or reverse order with this free tool. It will greatly assist you in arranging the alphabetical order when there are hundreds, thousands of names to do. Those who are good at using office applications such as Word, Excel, may not need this tool, it is for new people who do not know much and help them easily do it.

Just enter the text, digits, list of names in random order, the order generator will process according to your requirements such as sort in A to Z or Z to A order, remove duplicate words loop, remove punctuation, html code. Options to display results: separate by space, period, semicolon, line break or enter your own character.

After pasting the text into the dialog box and customizing the output format, click Alphabetize your Text to start sorting the letters. Immediate results appear below, according to your requirements. Press the Copy button to copy to the clipboard, press Reset to clear and organize other information.

Alphabetical Order User Guide

Paste your text in the box below and press the orange button. New text in alphabetical order appears in a box at the bottom of the page.

Type of Sorting Required

Standard Alphabetical Order Ascii Sorting Reverse Sorting Order (Z-A or 9-0)

Input Format Options (separator between the items to be sorted)

Blank space Comma Semi-colon Line break OR a custom separator: 

Output Format Options

Blank space Comma Semi-colon Line break OR a custom separator: 

Removal Options

Remove Duplicates   Remove Punctuation, and Brackets   Remove HTML

Results in alphabetical order

Copy your newly alphabetized ABC text from the box below

The Rules of Alphabetical Order

Some basic English alphabetical rules that we apply: